Joy in January

Horses and sky

What an incredible day I had yesterday with my two grandsons Owen and Cole (5 and 2.5 years respectively) and my wee herd of three horses! The interaction between humans and horses, (and I’ll say it again), never gets old, but to see the magical connection between young children and horses is even more beautiful, if you can imagine.


Owen and Zoulou. Zoulou’s soft ears and eyes say, “Welcome Owen!”



The winter cold snap had finally relinquished her hold so getting outdoors for more than just doing chores was a real blessing. The boys always want to spend time with the horses so we climbed into our winter duds and headed out to their pasture. Almost immediately and from 50 metres away, the horses peek out from their shelter and honed in on the approaching kids, ears perked, eyes forward and welcoming.






Maggie and Jura surrounding the boys.

When they got within petting distance, the horses eyes became very soft, their ears lazy, relaxed and happy and their body language just oozing with love and joy. Then they encircled the boys, lowered their heads and smelled them. In essence, they gave them an equine group hug.


After some time passed, Owen said to me, “Nana, I wish they’d lower their heads so I can hug them.” Almost instantly, the nearest horse complied with Owen’s spoken wish, lowered her head and let him hug her. The younger Cole simply walked underneath the head of another horse and patiently waited for her to lower it, which she did almost immediately.



Owen wants to hug Jura.
So Jura lowers her head . . .














Horses greeting Owen. Notice the soft ears.
Again, notice the oh so soft eye on Zoulou. Adoration on both sides!












My heart just filled with utter and complete joy watching this amazing interaction. Not only did the boys love it, the horses, without a doubt, loved it just as much. The genuine and unvarnished soul of kids completely mirrors and matches that of the horses making the connection even more authentic and mind-blowing. It is a beautiful sight to behold. I am so blessed to be able to have my grandchildren be around these amazing animals at such a young age

Cole and Zoulou. Look at Zoulou’s soft eye.
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