Carl Sagan’s daughter Sasha was on CBC radio today talking about how to enjoy life like a child does. She was saying how her four year old daughter looks at the moon each night and marvels at its different shapes and its nighttime light. When was the last time you looked at something or someone and marvelled at it or them? Do you marvel? I’m happy to say I do.



Just today I marvelled at the glorious pink sunrise – it was absolutely stunning and gave the earth around me a soft and quiet glow. I marvelled at my son who told me he received a thank you card from his crew for “being there for them”. I felt so very proud. I marvelled at the ah-ha moments I had in my Tai Chi class today. I marvelled at the long, long shadows in the fall afternoons and I marvelled at my puppy Ben for finally starting to understand what pee pads are for. This list goes on and on.


We often become immune to the beauty around us or forget to stop and take the time to enjoy something, anything, even for a moment. These little moments of marvelling accumulate and if you keep marvelling, you will start to fill up with marvellousness and before you know it, more of your days will be filled with joy and peace and long, fulfilling sighs instead of worry and sadness.


Start your marvelling now . . . . . .

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