My Grandmother’s Autograph Book

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Who remembers autograph books? I’m dating myself but I remember getting one near the end of grade 6 (I think) and the idea was to have classmates write something profound and inspiring in them before we “graduated” to Junior High. My one and only profound entry in all the autograph books I signed was this beauty, “By hook or by crook, I’ll be the last to write in your book.” Deep, right?



Autograph Cover              Eva Walker


I have my paternal grandmother’s autograph book from when she was attending college in Ranfurly, Alberta  in the 1920’s and it is at a whole different level of intellect, sentiment and individuality. Mind you, she was in her late teens and early twenties when written, but still, what a difference a couple of generations make regarding the art of not only writing, but of the general theme of the thoughts expressed.


Check out these three autographs that came from my grandma’s sisters Gypsy and Laura and her mother:

Gypsy Autograph    Mother Autograph


What great words of wisdom, positivity and hope from her family.








Then there are these three; one is just a beautiful drawing that I believe is a rendition of their school in Ranfurly, one is in the language of music and I believe translates to, “Never B Flat, Sometimes B Neutral and Always B Sharp”, but correct me if I’m wrong. Finally there is one autograph in Latin, Dum Shiro Shero. I’ve Googled this and cannot find the translation but would love to know what it says!



Drawing Autograph      Latin Autograph

Musical Autograph


Finally I thought I throw in a few more that continue with the common theme in them all which is to be genuine and kind. Who could ask for more.


Autograph 1          Autograph 2

Autograph 3

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