Premonition Painting

My dad moved into a seniors complex after mom died and while there he took art classes and painted two pictures that foretold my future. I believe the year was 2009 when he gifted me the first painting – a water colour with pink skies, a red barn and hay fields. It’s important to remember the year. I dutifully framed it and thanked him but secretly I had no intention of hanging it in my house so it was put in the garage and hung there for many years, unforgotten.


Fast forward to 2015. My husband and I buy the farm I reside at now. A couple of years later and after my dad had died, I was rummaging in the barn for something and found this paining with other stuff hauled over from our former house that never made it into our new home. It was a little worse for wear but for the most part had survived intact. I hadn’t clapped eyes on it for ages so when I viewed it again I realized that something was different. What was it I asked myself . . . when suddenly I realized I was looking at our farm! My dad had painted our farm back in 2009 which was six years before we bought it! The pink sunrises and sunsets are almost an everyday occurrence, there is a red barn and even the shed with the pole is still standing today! The only change is that the fields in the painting are now partitioned pastures for the horses. To this day, I still get goosebumps when I look at the picture, which by the way, is now proudly hanging up in my home.


The second painting he gave me in 2009 depicts a beautiful lake surrounded by tall coniferous trees and marsh grasses. This painting I liked and did put it up in the house and when I view it I feel calm and serene. This time fast forward to 2018 when I purchased a quarter section of land that is breathtakingly beautiful. It consists of deciduous forests that open up into random hay pastures that wind through the trees. Then, magically this deciduous forest melds into an entirely different ecosystem filled with mosses and lichens that cover the ground that beg you to lay down and have a nap. There are ancient swamp spruce trees which are so, so tall and very narrow and many varieties of small shrubs too numerous to mention. The aroma in this forest is hard to articulate but ancient, earthy and magnificent are a few that come to mind.



As you continue through this magical forest, and without any warning, a hidden lake appears! It’s like the land just suddenly becomes a lake. It is serene and placid with lily pads and birds and is completely surrounded by swamp spruce, marsh grasses and weeds, just like the picture. It feels ancient and you get a sense that it is deep and dark and beautiful and that you are the first human to set eyes on it. It’s been named Healing Waters. My dad painted this lake and its unique characteristics nine years before I bought it!!


Premonition? Fluke? I don’t know but I do know that if dad was alive, the farm and the land with the Healing Waters lake would be very, very special to him. I see these paintings everyday because they are proudly displayed in my home and when I do, I think of him so perhaps that was his intention all along.

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