Healing Hearts – Meditating with Horses

Does spending time in a pasture amongst a herd of horses doing guided meditations with a group of friends speak to your heart? Then book your session now and let me introduce you to this soul-rejuvenating experience!


3H Connection is excited to introduce our first group session for up to six adults (minimum of four required for a class) to experience meditating amongst horses in the pasture! The healing magic of horses combined with guided meditations is even more rewarding and you will not only feel healed, but will also become a healer to the horses.


The day will begin with grounding exercises for ourselves and then we will move into the herd doing guided Reiki Horse Meditations followed by some time at the fire pit to share your profound experiences, complete with complimentary snacks and beverages. Those who are interested may also take a walk on Tranquility Trail for some earth-therapy before their drive home.


Book now online at www.3hconnection.com or call me at 780-690-4378.


I can’t wait to spend some time with you!

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