An equine assisted personal development coach uses horses to aid clients on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. 


Horses, being prey animals, are highly attuned to human emotions and then mirror those emotions with their body language. It is my role to interpret this body language to the best of my ability to help the client get to the real issue or conflict they are dealing with. 


Horses don’t lie and will sense the client’s deepest emotion, which is quite often not even registered by the client or on their radar. It is this extraordinary sensitivity in horses that get the client on the right path to self-discovery, fulfillment and growth. 

  • Healing Hearts – Meditating with Horses


    Does spending time in a pasture amongst a herd of horses doing guided meditations with a group of friends speak to your heart? Then book your session now and let me introduce you to this soul-rejuvenating experience!

  • Maggie

    Awaken the Heart


    3H Connection believes that everyone has within them, all the qualities and characteristics and attitudes to build a new and incredible future. We work with you and your horse using ground exercises that are amazingly effective for adults who desire change in their lives.

  • Grieving Hearts


    Grief over the loss of a loved one is indescribable because we are trying to describe something that has happened to our soul. Allow me to show you how horses so incredibly sense and mirror our emotions yet give us permission to feel those emotions in a warm and safe environment.

  • Heart 2 Heart


    Imagine this . . . you and your significant other, each with your own horse, on a farm in the beautiful countryside, about to spend three hours rediscovering the beautiful attributes that drew you together .

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