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Horses and sky

At the three year mark after the passing of my husband, I literally felt the veil of grief lift and I was once again able to smile, internally. I knew I was somehow different from that experience but at the same time I felt I was back; I had returned. With that bittersweet feeling, I dove into a quest of self-improvement, self-discovery and a thirst to learn.


I joined the Spruce Grove Tai Club in October of 2017 just eight months after my husband’s passing. It was recommended to me by some friends and they said it would help me to ride horses into my old age and be a place to meet new people plus keep me busy while I was grieving. In hindsight, it was the best thing I ever did. I am coming to my fifth year with Tai Chi and am in the Intermediate level. Without going into volumes of words about the benefits of Tai Chi, in a nutshell, it is all about our life force, our energy, our Chi and the moves and patterns we learn and practice help us to move that energy throughout our bodies to keep us healthy and in tune with our bodies.


The whole subject of life force or energy has always been a fascination to me so I decided to up the ante and am thrilled to say that I recently acquired my Level 2 Reiki certificate! It marries beautifully with Tai Chi but then takes you on yet another journey of more self-discovery and healing. I fully intend to acquire my Master certification over the next year or so – I love it that much. I can’t explain it, but I feel more in tune with nature and more aware of feelings. It is blowing my mind and I just can’t wait to learn more!


My interest in Reiki was mostly to help animals so I bought a book called Heart to Heart with Horses from a leading expert and now, almost every day, I do one of the many Reiki meditations in the book out in the pasture with the herd and invite them to join. Most horses will come near people  who are calm and quiet in their demeanour but I find that sharing Reiki space with horses goes even further than that. They will come into the space only if they want to and will quite often prefer hands off and instead just stand in the circle of calm and light. If they have a particular area they want me to touch they will come and place that body part near my hands. It’s quite magical and serene and extremely rewarding.



After completing level 1 Reiki, I noticed that when I headed out to the pasture, their heads, ears and eyes are all forward and looking at me intensely, unlike before where they would continue to snooze or eat. Now with level 2 and my study on horse meditations, they appear to be waiting for me to begin another daily meditation and I believe it has connected us on an even deeper level. Even the dogs nearby will stop their frolicking and settle down for a meditation moment.


If you are looking for something new to help you feel more focused, self-aware and inspired, I’d highly suggest you look up Tai Chi classes and/or Reiki classes near you. You won’t be disappointed – I promise!




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