Best Things Come in Small Packages

Photo of Lucky

This July, one of the best small packages came into my life – a toy poodle I’ve name Lucky.


I found this sweet, sweet toy poodle on the farm when my other dogs alerted her to me. When I approached, she looked at me with the kindest yet saddest eyes. She was matted, emancipated but with a swollen belly, had ear mites and fleas and her teeth were in terrible shape.


I picked her up and bathed her then made a vet appointment for that same day.

The vet got Lucky all sorted out but the biggest surprise was that she was pregnant and due to give birth in a few weeks!


So what I thought were worms distending her belly turned out to be puppies! Lucky did give birth to four big, beautiful, healthy puppies and I watched all but one being born – she was such a trooper.


We bonded immediately and she walks among the other dogs, cats and horses like she’s been here all her life – like it was mean to be. She is safe and loved and has found her forever home with me.

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