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PJ Grant - Certified Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach

After a 40 year career in the oil and gas industry and raising a family alongside her husband of 35 years, a retirement home was built in the country and it was there that her desire to own horses again began. PJ now owns a small farm she named Justawee Farm and a herd of three horses with the plan of growing it more in the near future. Having experienced the soul rejuvenating connection with horses and their amazing healing powers and then witnessing this magic with friends and family, she knew she wanted to share it with others, especially those who were looking for purpose and direction in their lives. PJ then acquired her certification from Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Canada, and started her company 3H Connection. Her dream to partner with horses to help people begin or continue their path of personal healing and hope became a reality.

Alberta Equine Assisted Personal Coaching
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Jura is a registered Canadian mare born in 1999 that I bought in 2012. She is highly trained in all riding and driving disciplines and in her prime did extremely well on the show circuits. After decades of being away from horses, I was 55 when Jura came into my life and she, quite literally, rejuvenated my soul. She is an ancient soul, all-knowing, gentle, warm and wise.


Maggie is a registered Canadian mare born in 2002 that I acquired in 2013 and bought solely as a pasture pal for Jura. Maggie was orphaned at a young age and raised by kind humans but lacked herd manners and human boundaries. After some time spent with Jura who acquainted her with manners, plus some ground training and patience, Maggie is now a happy member of the herd and absolutely adores people.

3H Connection Farm Photo


Zoulou, is a registered Canadian mare born in 2012 that I rescued in 2015 and she was acquired to eventually replace my aging and faithful Jura. Zoulou and I didn’t click for quite some time and I was very close to selling her but with some connection exercises, time and perseverance we eventually did bond and are now partners in every sense. She is very alpha, super smart, seriously curious and her sensitivity to human emotions is uncanny.

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. – Winston Churchill

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