Twosday 02.22.2022

Twoday is my birthday. No really, it is. The year is not important and anyway, it doesn’t contain any twos, plus I was born on a Saturday, not a Tuesday.


Typically, birthdays are just another day for me, even as a kid. It was nice to have a cake and get a present or two but they’ve never been a big thing for me, even the common celebratory birthdays like 30 or 50, etc.


This year however is the exception because of all the twos involved; 02.22.2202 or the British way 22.02.2202. I actually think the British way looks even better. My present to myself today is to purchase 22 lottery tickets and maybe buy a small container of Haagen Das ice cream. Mmmm…..


This is not typical blog material but I wanted to capture this day, date and year and put it out into the chasm of space just for shits and giggles. The next date this accumulation of twos and zeros occurs will be 02.22.2222 or 22.02.2222 and this date falls on a Friday, not a Tuesday so it can’t really be called Twosday.


I wonder what the year 2222 will look like for humans on earth? We’ll never know but I have faith that man-womankind will get their act together and the human race will still exist, on Earth and living peacefully and in harmony with all other countries. What a great birthday present that would be!


Check out this birthday cake. It’s called the Cat Litter Cake and honestly the sight of it nearly made me hurl – it was so realistic! Getting the first forkful in my mouth was very difficult but once I did, it was absolutely delicious!


60th Birthday Cake


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